Permission Slip

Emmanuel Baptist Church            

602 Canterbury Road, Kings Mountain, NC, 28086, (704)739-9339

Bus Rider Attendance and Baptism Permission Form

Bus Director: Kevin Rice (704)8688581   Cell: (828) 748-3908

We are a Baptist church.  We believe the Bible is God’s Word.

Our Purpose: (Matthew 28:19,20)

  1. To present the Gospel
    1. We are all sinners. (Rom 3:10)
    2. The price for sin is to die and spend an eternity in hell. (Rom 6:23)
    3. Jesus died to pay for our sin. (Rom 5:8)
    4. Jesus rose from the dead, proving that He is stronger than sin.
    5. Anyone who will repent from their sin, call on Jesus, and trust Him alone to save them, will be saved. (Rom 10:13)
  2. To Baptize
    We give everyone who makes a profession of faith in Christ an opportunity to be baptized as is taught in Acts 2:38, 41.
  3. Teach the Bible
    After a person trusts Christ, and is baptized, we teach him or her how to have God’s blessings on his life by obeying and living by the principles of the Bible.

I understand the purpose and beliefs of Emmanuel Baptist Church.  I also understand that unless otherwise noted, the child who is listed below will be given an opportunity to follow the Lord in believer’s baptism if and when he trusts Christ as his or her Savior.  Understanding this, I give my permission for the child listed below to attend church, to be taught the Bible, and to be baptized if he accepts Christ as Savior.

Basic Bus Rules                                                    

1)    Your child must be at least 4 years old and have a permission form signed by a PARENT or LEGAL GUARDIAN in order to ride the bus.

2)    All riders must remain seated while the bus is in motion. (No standing or walking).

3)    All children are expected to obey the rules on the bus to and from church, and the rules of the classroom while at church. This includes any specific instructions that any bus worker gives.

4)   All children are to treat the bus workers, the adults at church, and each other with respect.

5)    Since we have activities on the bus and at church, we request that all toys, games, and electronic equipment be left at home.

If your child is disruptive during class or on the bus, they will be given a warning.  If they continue, we will bring them home.  If their behavior is not better the following week, we will suspend them from the bus for two weeks.  If the unacceptable behavior continues, your child will no longer be able to ride the bus with us.

To help us be able to contact you, please print this page and fill out the information below.

Child’s Name:  ______________________________ Grade:  _________

Birth date:_____________Home  Phone#: _(704)___________________

Address:  __________________________________________________

City:  KINGS MOUNTAIN                               State:  NC    Zip: 28052       

Father:  ______________________________   Cell #:_______________

Mother:  ______________________________  Cell #:_______________

Emergency Contact (besides yourself):   Name:____________________

Relationship:________________  Phone #:  _______________________

My child _________________________________ has my permission to ride the bus to attend Emmanuel Baptist Church.

My child also has my permission to be baptized if he accepts Christ as his personal Savior.

I wish to be present at his baptism.      Yes: ________  No: ________

Special instructions regarding my child: _____________________________________________________________________________________

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________________Date: __________