2001 Year in Review

December, 2001

Dear EBC Friends and Family,

God has certainly been good to us at Emmanuel Baptist Church.  We have seen some great spiritual growth through the Bus ministry, youth program, music ministry, ladies’ ministries, and, of course, we have kept the nursery well-populated!

This has been a year when our total attendance is actually down somewhat from last year, but it is for good reasons.  Six of our member families have started deputation for the mission field.  Some of these have moved away, and the others are busy holding services in other churches.  We miss them, but we thank God that they are serving the Lord.  It has been a joy to add the Mitchums, Judds, Adams, Kanzs and Starins to our monthly budget and help several other missionaries with large special gifts.

We have also seen the Rooneys, Quinlans, and Schneiders leave to assume pastorates.  That is also a joy and privilege for a local church.  It was a blessing to ordain Brother Kevin Schneider, one of our former deacons, to the Gospel ministry.

Our teens continue to be a delight to the church.  They have participated in our services in some very special ways, and we have seen demonstrations of what God is doing in their lives.  Their participation in the music program and work in Sigma have been a challenge to all of us adults.  The children’s ministries continue to be strong, allowing us to offer a solid program for all the family.

Of course, it is always a blessing to reflect upon the music at EBC.  The choirs, soloists, instrumentalists, small vocal groups, and song leaders have done an outstanding job.  The adult and teen choirs have been exceptionally delightful to hear.  I never cease to be blessed by our music.  The Christmas cantata and drama represented a great measure of dedication on the part of those who participated.

How we rejoice in the goodness of God and the cooperation of the dear people of EBC!  The staff, deacons, and other fellow-laborers have each made great contributions to this ministry.  A sweet spirit has characterized each church conference, even when we made some fairly large financial decisions.

It has also been exciting to see the launching of our Spanish ministry and the beginning of Bethel Baptist Church.  Both of these new ministries are reaching new folks not previously involved at Emmanuel.

With the coming of another year, we face the challenge to build again.  Please pray that God would allow us to accumulate down-payment money of at least $200,000 to launch the project.  Of course, any suggestions you have about the building will be gladly considered.  These are certainly exciting times in which to live and serve the Lord at EBC.  On behalf of my wife, the Brubakers, and the Ogles, I want to thank you for your many kindnesses and wish you and your family a wonderful, Christ-honoring Christmas and a New Year that is blessed of God!  We love you all!!


Pastor Surrett