2012 Year in Review

Dear Emmanuel Baptist Church Family:

As the 2012 Christmas season is upon us, we on the pastoral staff want to thank you and the Lord for allowing us to continue in ministry at Emmanuel.  We love each of you, and deeply appreciate your cooperative support.  We have enjoyed for many years the wonderful unity that God has given us, as evidenced in your many acts of kindness toward us.  We certainly appreciate your faithful support, meeting our material needs through your generosity.

We are also thankful for the hours of volunteer work that characterize Emmanuel every week.  The ministry could not thrive as it does without the involvement of so many workers.  It is a blessing to see the way everyone pitches in to help when there is work to do.

Some special events of this year included the January marriage seminar, the Morris Gleiser revival in April, and the teen missions trips to Havelock, NC, and South Africa.  The Kohrs, the Rudolphs, and Amy Blackburn were grateful for their assistance in the ministry.  Of course, the church vote in September to call Pastor Ogle as the next senior pastor was clear evidence that the congregation is united in support of this transition.

Thank you also for sending Pastor and Mrs. Surrett to Colorado to work with the Cookes and the Ditges, as well as sending Pastor and Mrs. Ogle to help the Bonikowskys in Spain.  We believe that these fine missionaries have been encouraged by our presence in their fields of ministry, and we look forward to God’s blessings upon them.

Pastor and Mrs. Surrett could never thank you enough for the “surprise” twentieth anniversary celebration this summer.  It was a tremendous highlight of their lives, and will never be forgotten.  They are certainly enjoying the vehicle paid for by the extremely generous love offering.

To those of you who are new to our church family this year, we are thankful that you were sensitive to God’s will in finding a place of service here.  To those who have been with us longer, we appreciate your faithfulness and steadfastness.

As we approach the change in leadership for our ministry here, we thank God in advance for the unity that we expect to experience together.  May God bless you and your family, and may the Lord Jesus Christ be particularly honored in your home at this special season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Luke 2:14.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor & Mrs. Charles Surrett

Pastor & Mrs. Larry Brubaker

Pastor & Mrs. Jim Ogle