Youth Group Special Events

Although these events are a ton of fun, the most important thing happening at each one is the preaching of God’s Word.  Every gathering is an opportunity to hear and receive truths from God that will change your life!

Counterfeit Caring Couples Contest

This is a fun annual game played where each team gets a guy and a girl who are not a couple (thus the name counterfeit caring couple) to learn as much as possible about each other.  On the night of the event, the “couple” tries to answer questions separately that match each other.  The team with the most matches wins a small Valentine prize.  Some hilarious answers and facial expressions make the night even more fun!

Flour Kickball

This game is not played every year because of the extreme set up and clean up, but when it is – It is a highlight!!!  The gymnasium is emptied and 80 lbs of flour are spread on the floor.  Teens come and play a huge kickball tournament  . . . in their sock feet . . . in the flour!  We serve pizza, have a snack shop, and of course have an evangelistic message.  This event is well attended by our own teens but also is used as a great outreach event.

Office Chair Racing

This game is a riot to watch or play!  Three office chairs with wheels are set up at the starting line of an obstacle course. Each chair has a rider and a pusher!  The team is paired up with riders and pushers waiting their turn.  When the whistle is blown each rider jumps in and is pushed around the obstacle course as fast as possible.  Once they get back and cross the finish line, the rider and pusher switch places and do the course again.  Then the next set goes till all their team has had their turns.  First team finished and across their line wins the night!  Prepare to laugh if you attend this activity!

Summer Fun

The summer is divided into theme months.  Some of the past months have been Construction, Medieval, Underwater, Camping, etc.   Each month has an Extended Wednesday where the normal teen service is from 6pm till 9pm (instead of our normal 7pm till 9pm).  On this night, teens dress up to go with the theme of the month and compete for prizes; they get a meal; and play some of our favorite games!  Some of the games are Milk Jug Lacrosse, Broom Hockey, Hand Ball, and the Dodging Pit.

Fall Fest

Fall is such a fun time of year.  We love the cooler weather and all the activities that seem to go with it.  Each year we plan some fun youth activities to go with this special time of year.  Check back with us to see what this year’s fall event will be.

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

One favorite activity of the year is our annual Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  The teens get several baskets of food donated then it gets distributed along a well-thought-out route.  The teens figure out clues to find where they need to go to pick up the food. They try to have the quickest time gathering it up with their group.  The teens are competing in time, amount of food, and creative baskets.  Once all the food is gathered and divided up into baskets, the youth department goes together to deliver it to families that we want to show some extra love (Both church members and people from out community).  It is a fun-filled night of excitement and is very heart-warming at the same time.  This activity is on a Friday night in November.

Be sure to look for some awesome pictures after the event under our photos tab.