Ladies’ Ministry

God, with His amazing creativity, made women.  We come in all varieties, each one with our own part to play in God’s wonderful plan.  God used Abigail, Deborah, Ruth, Esther, Rahab, Lydia, Mary, and many more. Some were young, some old, some rich, some poor, some Godly, and some with a wicked past.  Isn’t God so good to take us where we are, draw us to Himself, and make us useful and valued?  You are important to God and to us.

Do you want to have a personal relationship with God? Would you like to grow in the areas of Bible study, prayer, reaching out to others, having thoughts that please God, getting victory over sin, and enhancing your home and family relationships? Would you like to have fellowship with friends that are like family (this includes laughing and eating a lot 😊)?  We, at Emmanuel, would love for you to come join us as we strive to love and glorify God with our whole heart and love and minister to others. (Matthew 22:36-39)