2004 Year in Review

December 2004

Dear Church Family and Friends,

It is hard to imagine that we are coming to the close of another year.  We think in many ways it was our best year of ministry.

As always, we had the privilege of sending couples into the ministry. This made changes here very evident.  God has once again sent able people to replace those we lost.

As we started the year our hearts were challenged by the need for World Missions.  Our offerings came up and we added the Borrmann family, Jonathan Speights, and the Watson family.  The Rovirosa family also began receiving support.  Your faithfulness to missions giving has been encouraging.  We trust we will be able to add new families again this next year.

Our Ladies’ Spring Banquet was a real treat.  Mrs. Brenda Vaughn was the key note speaker.  The theme of “One Step at a Time” was especially enjoyable.  Our main concentration as the year began was our Revival meeting with Evangelist Paul Schwanke.  As we prepared by cottage prayer meetings, we anticipated great things from God.  We were not disappointed.  We had many visitors and many saved.  We are still reaping some of those benefits.

The Sigma year came to a close as the Nu Delta Penitent Pirates won the year. This ushered in our busy summer.  Our teens started the summer with a missions trip to Wisconsin.  God blessed and we were greatly encouraged.  The Merrill Team was again with us for Children’s’ V.B.S.  The Companion Canyon theme was a delight to everyone as we learned about the proper friends.  Pastor spent 2 ½ weeks ministering for the college in Hawaii.  While he was gone we had our first July 4th Community Service.  The afternoon service was a joy as many of our people were involved.  The Mayor was present and enjoyed the day. Pastor arrived safely home just in time for Family Camp.  Dr. Eddie Egbert brought his humor and practical Bible applications for the family, which made this a great Family Camp.  We look forward to having him and his wife back for Family Camp 2005. We finished the summer with the teens going to camp.  They had a great week.  There were some very good decisions made.

Our fall began as we welcomed back the college students and brought in a lot of new families.  Our Missions Conference was exciting as some of our own presented their work.  The Bennetts reported on the last 4 years and Dr. Les Frazier brought passionate missions messages.  The ladies did a great job on the Missions Banquet.  As the regular fall activities rolled along, we were able to give 9 Thanksgiving baskets to families from our annual Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt.  Today, we are looking forward with great anticipation to the Adult Cantata and Children’s plays. These are always such a blessing.

It is our joy to serve together on staff and to serve with you.  Time would fail us if we mentioned the countless sacrifice of you dear people over the last year.  We all feel so blessed to be here.  Let us not relax as we enter 2005.  There is more to do in missions, more people to reach in Kings Mountain, more encouragement, more Bible knowledge and application to be done.  May God richly bless you as we celebrate His birth and embark on a new year together.

Pastor & Mrs. Charles Surrett

Pastor & Mrs. Larry Brubaker

Pastor & Mrs. Jim Ogle