2011 Year in Review

December 2011

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas!  It seems like we just said that, but another year has come and gone.  It reminds us of Ephesians 5:16: Redeeming the time”. Time on this earth is quickly fleeing away.

This year brought some wonderful blessings as we paid off our existing mortgage, bought new A/C and heating units for the main building, put our other land up for sale, and added a number of families to our church. We also had the joy of seeing some missionaries make it to the field. These processes were not without difficulty, but God has sustained every effort.

Our youth enjoyed the conclusion of another Sigma year, summer camp at the Wilds, and the start of a whole new youth program.  “Helping teenagers reach their peak potential for God” is the new theme.  They delivered over 400 pounds of food at Thanksgiving to be an encouragement to others.  We graduated some and they are now in Bible colleges and preparing for missions trips.

Our children’s ministry continues to grow and was well represented at the Master Clubs Regionals.  The bus ministry has reached some new boys and girls.  Our public school Bible clubs continue to make an impact on children. The preschool and nursery rooms continue to be full of new children.  Their joy for the things of God is contagious. How thankful we are for those who serve faithfully at Emmanuel.  Our children are a true heritage.

The new adult classes are a wonderful blessing and have led to growth in our Sunday school.  This growth is both numerical and spiritual.  We praise the Lord for the new deacons that God has added to our team.  Each deacon brings a wonderful spirit and new insight.  We also introduced a new deacon-caring group concept and look forward to how it will help us to minister in the New Year.

We tripled our parade outreach from 1000 bags to 3000 bags this year and would love to do more next year.  Thank you for your desire to reach people with the gospel.  What a great cantata weekend! Thanks to many for the countless hours of labor to make it a success.

This year was not without difficulties including pastor’s mother going home to be with the Lord, but our God is so good to us.  We look forward to a marriage retreat in January, a revival in April with Evangelist Morris Gleiser, and many other events in 2012.  We don’t know all that God will do this New Year but we do know that HE is in control.  Let’s draw closer to HIM as we seek to lift high our Savior.  It is a joy to serve with you and for you.  We love you and look forward to another year serving God together.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor and Mrs. Surrett

Pastor and Mrs. Brubaker

Pastor and Mrs. Ogle