Sunday School

We have numerous ways for you and your family to grow in the Lord.

We provide a nursery during all services for babies ages 0–2 years old.

We have a graded Sunday School for our children. Our Children’s Sunday School classes include a 2’s & 3’s class, 4’s & 5’s class, 1st–3rd grade boys’ and girls’ classes, and 4th–6th grade boys’ and girls’ classes. We also have a Junior Church on Sunday mornings.

The Teen Sunday School class meets upstairs in the Youth Room.  After the opening assembly, the teens divide into classes and learn practical things from God’s Word that will help them face many issues with which they are confronted each day.

The College and Career Class is for those out of high school who are attending college, or any other single young adults. The class is taught by Bro. Doug Stoliker.  He and his wife, Kim, truly love each person and offer a lot of ministry projects and fun times together in fellowship along with the great Bible teaching during Sunday School.

Several options are available for our adults; a Young Marrieds’ class, a Ladies’ class, and a Men’s class.  If the couples’ age added together equals less than 70, then they are welcome to join the Young Marrieds’ class. It offers practical training on marital relationships, child-rearing, and other pertinent subjects for young couples. If the age equals 70 or above then they get to enjoy the Men’s class and the Ladies’ class.  The ladies meet with Mrs. Surrett, who is teaching on various ladies of the Bible.  There are many valuable lessons that can be learned by the study of the life of these interesting women.   Our Men’s class is taught by Kevin Schneider.  The format for the Men’s class combines instruction with interactive dialog to take advantage of the wisdom that God has given to so many of our men. Since the class began, it has studied the book of James, considering Effective Faith. Each first Sunday of the month, the class considers the topic of Evangelism with the expectation of sharpening Gospel Witnessing skills. The class is now studying the book of Nehemiah for the purpose of learning from this Old Testament example Principles of Effective Leadership.

Come enjoy the fellowship and Biblical teaching you will receive from these classes.