2005 Year in Review

December 2005

Dear Friends and Church Family,

It is hard to believe that we have reached the end of another year.  It certainly brings to light the passage of Scripture that commands us to “redeem the time.”  Although in some ways this has been a difficult year, we would not change what God has taught us.  We believe the ministry is reaching more people now than we ever have.

Our focus has been to develop those ministries that reach our community but not to diminish the need for world evangelism.  Our faith promise, for this year, is projected to be our largest ever.  After a tremendous Missions Conference in which our people were responsive to the preaching, our commitment cards for next year look even more promising.  We also have fine tuned our visitation program, trying to get everyone involved.  You can now be involved in one of the following areas: sowers, reapers, phone calling, discipling or follow-up with those who have needs.  Each one has its place, and God is rewarding the efforts.  As an example, on a recent Sunday we baptized people from our Deaf Ministry, Spanish Ministry, and Youth Ministry.  On the same Sunday we had an adult couple trust Christ as Savior.  This couple came as a result of our Bus Ministry.  Many hours have been invested into these ministries by people.  God is blessing those efforts and we look forward to the New Year and new opportunities.

We believe our Children’s Ministry is as strong as it has ever been.  Each one of the directors has done a great job.  This year we refocused our Bus Ministry, Master Clubs and Children’s Church.  We added a Sunday School opener for the children that has brought some excitement.  We also had training for our teachers, which was excellent.  With these things in place, we are anxious to see what God has in store for us next year.

Our Children’s VBS, Regionals, youth camps, and Family Camp were all excellent this year as well.  Although God saw fit to redo our Family Camp schedule (the camp was under water the first day), we had a tremendous weekend.  Rush Weekend was probably the best overall one we have had yet.

The Music Ministry, as always, has been outstanding.  The greatest joy for us is the development of all the children in music.  It seems that each week we see some other evidence of their desire to serve the Lord through music.  The orchestra is always a delight averaging 20 on each Sunday.

The Ladies’ Ministry continues to improve.  The Ribbons of Blue program (contact Mrs.Surrett if you want more information) just started by our ladies is just wonderful.

We are excited to see new families head to the mission field and others on deputation.  God is truly at work.  When we write this letter next year, what part will you have played in the events that unfold?  Whether through prayer, giving, or service everyone has a part.  It is a joy to serve with such dear people.  We believe that we shepherd the best flock in the world.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you!  Have a Merry Christmas!

Pastor and Mrs. Surrett

Pastor and Mrs. Brubaker

Pastor and Mrs. Ogle