2008 Year in Review

December 2008

Dear Emmanuel Baptist Church Family:

As the Christmas season of the year 2008 approaches, we want to thank you and the Lord for giving us the privilege of ministering at Emmanuel.  It is wonderful to work among people we love, knowing that we are privileged to have the cooperation and support of so many.  Truly, God has given our church family a wonderful spirit of unity.

Thank you for the generous Christmas bonuses that you have provided for the pastoral staff.  Your kindness and generosity never go without being appreciated.  We are also thankful for the hours of volunteer work that characterize the people of Emmanuel every week.  The ministry could not thrive as it does without the involvement of so many workers.

Your desire to support the ministry financially is also evident, in accord with Biblical principles.  It is a blessing to not have to beg for that which God uses to sustain the ministry.  Your excellent response to Faith-Promise missions giving will probably get us over the $100,000 mark in giving to missions this next year.  That is exciting!

We continually see God sending out families from our church into His service all over the world.  We currently have eight missionary families and two single ladies on foreign shores as missionaries, plus nine families on deputation, who are either current or former members of Emmanuel.  We also have four families in evangelism, eleven in the pastorate, and nine serving in “second man” ministries in local churches.  What a blessing it is that God has sent us new member families this year, to help fill the void left by those who have gone out.

To those of you who are new to our church family this year, we are thankful that you were sensitive to God’s will in finding a place of service here.  To those who have been with us longer, we appreciate your faithfulness and steadfastness.

With the purchase of nine acres of property on Countryside Road and the offering of our current property for sale, we eagerly await what the Lord will do in the future of Emmanuel.

May God bless you and your family, and may the Lord Jesus Christ be particularly honored in your home at this special season.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Luke 2:14

Emmanuel Baptist Church Pastoral Staff