2010 Year in Review

December 2010

Dear Emmanuel Baptist Church Family:

As another Christmas season approaches, we on the pastoral staff want to thank you and the Lord for allowing us to continue serving at Emmanuel.  We love each of you, and deeply appreciate your cooperative support.  With all the special Christmas activities, so many have volunteered to help with the play, the music, the children’s program, the youth choir concert, the Kings Mountain parade, etc.  Every Fundamental Baptist church should have such great unity!

Thank you for giving so consistently, of time, talent, prayers, and finances.  We also appreciate the very generous Christmas bonuses for us.  Thank you for your kindness and thoughtfulness.  No doubt, the missionaries we have been able to help this year would also say the same.  In fact, many of them already have!  It was “bittersweet” to say farewell to the Matt Northcutt family, as they moved to Arctic Siberia to serve the Lord.  Soon, the Lord willing, we will do the same with the Sean Quinlan family, as they head for Guam.  Certainly, the revival services with Evangelist Paul Crow and the teen missions trip were highlights of the year.

We hope that the enclosed picture, taken on our “Old Fashioned Sunday,” will be a new reminder to pray for us.  We continually need wisdom from the Lord to lead this great local church, but we all see it as a great privilege.

We thank God for those who are new to our church family this year.  They have been a great blessing.  To those who have been with us longer, we appreciate your faithfulness and steadfastness.

As we continue to seek God’s direction for our ministry here, particularly in the area of building needs, we thank God in advance for the unity that we expect to experience together.  May the Lord Jesus Christ be particularly honored in your home, as you celebrate His birth.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Matt 1:21-23.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor & Mrs. Charles L. Surrett

Pastor & Mrs. Larry Brubaker

Pastor & Mrs. Jim Ogle