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25.2---2013-06-16---AM---Rearing Boys to be Men in a Sissy World---Jim Ogle---41mins---Titus 2---Family---Part#5

Parenting Adult Childen

June 16, 2013
25.3---2013-06-16---PM---Parenting Adult Childen---Jim Ogle---29mins---Exodus 18---Family---Part#6
23.2---2013-06-02---AM---How To Respond In The Service---Jim Ogle---39mins---I Thes 5.19.22---Thessalonians---Part 18
23.3---2013-06-02---PM---Helping Children Develope A Heart For God---Jim Ogle---31mins---Topical---Family Series---Part4
22.2---2013-05-26---AM---Thankfulness Expressed---Jim Ogle---30mins---I Thes 5.18---Thessalonians---Part 17
22.3---2013-05-26---PM---Getting To The Heat Of The Matter---Jim Ogle---46mins---Topical---Family Series---Part3
21.2---2013-05-19---AM---Rejoice Evermore---Jim Ogle---39mins---I Thes 5.16---Thessalonians---Part
21.3---2013-05-19---PM---A Firm Foundation---Jim Ogle---42mins---1 Cor 3:10---Family Series---Part2

See The Christ

May 14, 2013
See The Christ - written by Dale Lieser - Sung by Steve Hefner
20.3 2013-12-05 PM---Harmony in the Home---Jim Ogle---36mins---Topical